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Miguelangelo & Co. is a full service firm providing every aspect of decorative painting and faux finishing for your project needs. Commissioned by homeowners, interior designers, custom homebuilders, contractors and business owners. We have become known for our reliability and professionalism as well as our beautiful finishes. As you browse through our website, you’ll see many examples of our work.

A few years ago, two artists joined forces to become Miguelangelo and Co. These two artists, Miguel Leon and Greg Lee are gifted in design production and presentation. Miguel has a vast background in the visual arts and specializes in color. He has the ability to see beyond the wall and what lies in the future. Greg is a theatrical artist and designer, working in professional and educational theatre, as well as producing and directing on national television. For over thirty years, Miguel Leon has created and produced a wide and diverse range of unique custom finishes and surface treatments. While spending several years with some of the most respected companies in scenic design, he worked as lead scenic artist on several world- class projects, including The Paris Hotel, Las Vegas and Venus Fort, Tokyo Bay, Japan.

For one of it's signature clients, Hermes of Paris, Miguelangelo and Co. installs and maintains the marmorino venetian plaster for all of their locations across the U.S.

During the construction of City Center, Las Vegas, top designers requested new looks in contemporary Venetian Plaster. Miguelangelo designed textures, patterns with brilliant sheens, pearlesscence and metallic’s. The results were a stunning breakthrough for Venetian Plaster. Miguelangelo and Co. specializes in the development of stunning yet functional solutions for commercial and residential environments. They offer expert advice and specialize in the development of unique and original designs to compliment your space. Whether seeking a classical finish, a sleek and modern touch, or a one-of-a-kind look with unusual ingredients, Miguelangelo always delivers exceptional quality in execution, installation and performance. Catering to a discerning clientele, Miguelangelo combines classical techniques with authentic materials to create an individual look that is not found elsewhere.

Miguel Leon & Greg Lee